About us:


A little bit about us at DIY Solar Company:

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you're considering the switch to solar! DIY Solar Company has been voted as a top installer on the South Shore of Massachusetts. We've been featured on a few notable sites like
MarketWatch and Newswire. We're reviewed 5 stars on all platforms, BBB accredited/verified, and licensed to install in all 6 New England States. Locally known as a company that focuses on quality of work over quantity of jobs,
there are a few reasons why DIY Solar Company tops our competitors. 

We identify key factors when choosing a system that works for you & your family by offering:

1) Lifetime support
2) Our equipment manufacturers
3) Local company with in-house installation team

With over 4,500 solar installations under our belt, DIY Solar Company recognizes the consumer and aims to provide maximum quality for maximum benefit. Our high-standard approach ensures that each installation attains top quality material for exemplary service. Each installation has an assigned account manager to guide customers 
manager that will be there to support you pre & post installation. This account manager will be one of our
operations employees with a direct line... not a 1(800) number.
We guarantee lifetime support because we know our equipment will work the way it’s supposed to
& that our promises will hold true for the entirety of the agreement. After installing thousands of jobs
for local solar companies, DIY Solar Company decided to exclusively install for their own customers. In
doing so, DIY has been able to deliver the best experience for a very reasonable price. Our company has
5 installation crews within New England and 25 employees- all of which we take great care of (and in
return, they take great care of our customers). Our hiring process is strict as we only allow the best
people to work on your home.
DIY Solar Company is an ethics focused company- working to meet the needs of each customer we work
with. We strive to keep our ratings at 5 stars, because we know how important this type of project is to
you. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the value & support you deserve.

For more information on our company, please visit our website at www.diysolarcompany.com