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Solar Installation
Across The Eastern US

DIY Solar in all 50 US States

Explore premium solar installation and DIY solar solutions across New England. DIY Solar Company brings the power of the sun to every home in the region with expert services and the lowest prices.


Massachusetts Solar

n the heart of New England, Massachusetts stands out as a champion of solar energy, illuminating the path to clean power with over 4,376 MW of installed solar capacity. As residents of the Bay State, you're part of a community that's making a monumental shift towards sustainable living, with enough solar energy harnessed to power over 777,005 homes.

At DIY Solar Company, headquartered in the historic town of Duxbury, MA, we're committed to propelling this green movement forward. We understand the local landscape and are dedicated to delivering solar solutions that resonate with the values and needs of Massachusetts homeowners. With solar prices dropping by 42% over the last decade in the state, there’s never been a better time to go solar​​.

Embrace the DIY spirit or opt for a full-service installation. Our promise to you is clear – access to the highest quality solar at the state's lowest prices, backed by a team that's truly local. DIY Solar Company isn't just about providing solar solutions; we're about crafting a future where every Massachusetts home can bask in the benefits of solar energy, with the peace of mind that comes from a 25-year production guarantee.

Power your home with confidence. Join the solar revolution in Massachusetts with DIY Solar Company – where your energy independence is our mission.

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