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DIY Solar Company takes a whole-home approach to energy management. Whether it's reducing your electric bill with solar panels or keeping the lights on during an outage: We have you covered!

Residential & Commercial Solar

As an Accredited BBB business with a 5-star rating, we have a proven track record of beautiful, functional, & seamless solar installations. We have amazing programs that allow homeowners go solar with $0 out of pocket-allowing you to save money from day one. We are the experts you can trust in your home & business.                                                                

Gas Generators & Battery Back Up

As an Accredited BBB business with a 5-star rating, we have direct partnerships with battery and gas generator manufacturers. DIY Solar Company only installs products with proven track records. As a result, we have highly satisfied customers that keep the power on- even when the grid goes down. Our manufacturer partnerships include: Generac, Kohler, and Tesla (for battery installations).

DIY Solar Packages

Our DIY packages will make you rethink everything you’ve come to know about DIY solar panel installation. Our panels are state-of-the-art & American-made. Many DIY solar companies sell products that are made in other countries (typically using far fewer quality materials). For us, we do not support cheaply made products. All of our panels, inverters, and racking are from American based companies.