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The Best Solar Installation for your Home & Business 

Save money, squash inflation, and reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

Is now a good time to go solar?

The best time, ever.

The government has just announced the most generous solar incentives ever! A 30% tax credit toward the cost of your entire system means that now is the best time in history to go solar. With money savings and cutting-edge technology, there's never been a better time to make the switch to solar power in New England. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity—act now and start saving today!









Federal Tax Credit Schedule

Peace of Mind Warranties and a 25 Year Production Guarentee

Extensive warranties for equipment, workmanship, and production guarantees.

$0 Down Solar Options

Save, instantly
Lower That Bill!

Custom designs

We make custom tailored solar designs in house.

Frictionless billing

Predictable monthly payments, wrapped into an easy loan.

Peace of mind

Warranties for the life of your system.


Lower your carbon footprint significantly.


A Solar Design 
That Matters.

See what solar looks like on your home! DIY Solar Company custom builds an accurate production model on our CAD software. Our software is programmed to map out all 365 days of the yearly production. What this means for you is highly predictable and accurate production numbers & maximized local incentives. Click the button below for a free production estimate!


Experience Next-Level Home Comfort with $0 Down Solar Heat Pumps & Mini Splits

Permanently Lower Your Energy Bills with Our Cost-Effective, No Money Out-of-Pocket Solutions



Solar Production Monitoring

Incentive Tracking $$

Solar production monitoring is one of the most important aspects of using solar energy. Without it, you would not be able to determine how much energy your system is producing or how efficiently it is running. Solar production monitoring allows you to keep track of your system's output so that you can make necessary adjustments to ensure that it is operating at peak efficiency. Additionally, by monitoring your system's output you can determine when it is time to perform maintenance on your solar panels or make other necessary repairs.Solar production monitoring is an essential tool for anyone who uses solar energy, whether for their home or business. By keeping track of your system's output, you can ensure that it is running smoothly and efficiently.
In some cases, you may have extra electricity that your home is generating. When this happens, you have a potential option of selling this electricity back to the grid. This process is known as “net metering". Net metering is when you, as a customer-generator, have a renewable energy system like solar panels on your home that produces electricity. any surplus electricity that your system generates beyond what you use is sent back to the grid, and your utility company gives you a credit for this amount of power. The rules and regulations for net metering vary from state to state, so it's important to check with your local utility company to see what the guidelines are.

Home Consumption Monitoring

24/7 Production & Consumption Monitoring for your electric usage by the appliance, allowing you to make necessary changes for a more efficient household.Electricity is one of the most essential parts of our lives, and its production and consumption are crucial to our way of life. However, monitoring our electricity usage can be difficult and time-consuming. This is where the Smart Home Electricity Monitoring System comes in. DIY Solar Company has a comprehensive solution that allows you to monitor your electricity usage by appliance, allowing you to make necessary changes for a more efficient household.

Individual Panel Monitoring

View the Status of Every Panel on Your solar system in One Place. The monitoring system of your solar installation is critical for understanding the status of your investment. With SolarMonitor, you can quickly and easily view the status of every panel on your system in one place. This powerful tool can help you troubleshoot problems, optimize performance, and ultimately save money on your energy bills.

Our Panels:

Our residential solar team takes pride in having the best solar designs in New England. DIY Solar Company uses sleek American-made solar panels. All of our equipment manufacturers are based in the United States and are 100% safety certified. DIY Solar Company is BBB Accredited with a 5-Star rating!


If We Can't Save You Money, We Walk Away!

At DIY Solar Company, we put your needs first. Our experts will always be honest with you about whether or not going solar is the right choice for your home. We want to help you save money and energy, so we'll only recommend solar if it makes sense for your specific situation. Contact us today to learn more!

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