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Estimate for Area 51, NV, USA

System Size

11.15 kW

100% electricity bill offset 

Cash Price After Incentives



Flat Rate Add Ons
Quoted AFTER incentives

Full install from our partners ⓘ

Ground Mount



Solar Panels

Federal Tax Credits

State Tax Credits

Price after incentives

Excluding sales tax

There may be additional upgrades required, e.g., electric main panel, or hidden conduit.

Federal income tax credits are available to anyone who purchases solar panels. Batteries paired with solar is considered a qualified expenditure. For tax credits, you must have a tax liability at least equal to the credit. Project Solar does not guarantee these amounts or your eligibility for any rebates or incentives.








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The deposit goes towards your total purchase price and covers site plan and engineering. You can cancel anytime. By placing this order, you agree to the Terms of Use and privacy policy. You also authorize Project Solar to begin submitting permits in preparation for your upcoming installation.


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