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The REAL DEAL on Solar Pricing and What to Watch Out For

Updated: Apr 15

Clean, solar energy has fast become the leader of alternative energy for the home. And with today’s ever-rising fuel costs, the rate your local energy company is charging you is only going up. This instability in the market is leading more and more people to turn to owning their own power, but for some the cost of the equipment and the installation are prohibitively high. And when sneaky solar salesmen will try to hook unsuspecting solar hopeful homeowners into a bad deal.

Solar Sales Watch outs

We want to bring more solar to as many people as we can, that’s our mission. But this is a departure from the main category of solar sales. Many representatives for rooftop solar installation companies are paid high commissions, going door-to-door to rack up anywhere from $10,000-$25,000 per customer. And those unreasonably high costs are added onto the quote for potential customers. It’s a predatory practice that adds unnecessary costs and barriers to owning your solar energy system. That means you’ll be paying potential thousands of dollars extra per kilowatt, and without the right information, that can be a very costly mistake.

Transparency in Solar Sales

It’s all about transparency--and the DIY Solar Co wants to make sure that anyone can access, afford, and install solar energy on their home, without sacrificing quality. We want you to know that while most door-to-door solar salesmen and unethical installers quote an average price of $3.80 - $5 per watt, when, the true price is much lower. We don’t want you to overpay for clean energy because the more people who go solar, the cleaner energy we can all generate to offset pollution generating fossil fuel energy.

They’re not all bad apples. Many of the solar salesmen offering these bad deals aren’t even aware of what they’re doing. They’re tasked to sell at a set price and may not have insight into the actual costs or quality considerations of the product they’re providing. Many of them are new to the industry, and these unscrupulous company often recruit people with little to no experience in the solar industry.

Beyond the Almighty Dollar

There’s more to getting ripped off than getting a bad deal on your rooftop solar panels. Companies with the intent to squeeze every dollar out of a contract will also over represent their equipment. Shoddy or low-quality solar panels and inverters can reduce the solar energy generated for your home and could lead to more issues sooner than if you went with a higher quality solution. And to think they would have you paying MORE and getting LESS. Well, we’re on to them.

The DIY Solar Co Difference

We stand by our equipment and select only the most reliable, high performing panels, inverters, and mounting gear to start you on the right foot. Our solar kits offer a do-it-yourself solution that is as affordable as it is reliable, and we’ll be available to help you through every step of your install. We make it easy for anyone to get started with adding solar to their home with step-by-step instructions and always on support. And if you’d rather get a pro that knows, our certified technicians and preferred installers are strictly vetted to assure you get what you paid for and more. At the DIY Solar Co, we’re able to bring you lower prices thanks to limited overhead, while offering the same or better materials with the same great warranties and real clean energy savings.

Skip the sales commission, corporate overhead, and low-quality equipment of door-to-door solar sales and see how the DIY Solar Co can get you going solar today

The REAL DEAL on Solar Pricing and What to Watch Out For

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