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Why DIY Solar Company is different




Many homeowners decide to make the switch to solar panels in order to save on their monthly utility bills. Other sources of energy can be costly and can even hurt your savings in the long run. Unfortunately, most solar panel providers and installers charge an arm and a leg by charging through the nose or commission and price hikes. Solar DIY Co was started to provide homeowners with a cost-effective alternative. We’re committed to helping you save money while still reaping the advantages of solar panel technology.

High Quality


With decades of combined experience in the solar panel industry, we’ve learned the difference between high-quality solar panels that can last decades and poorly-b built models that would be better off being sold for scrap. We’ve developed relationships with some of the best suppliers to provide our clients with industry-leading and highly effective solar panels. Even with our lower price tags and cost-saving commitment, Solar DIY Co still delivers on quality and performance.

Fully Customized


Every house is different and requires specially-made solar panels to ensure they’re effective and secure. The professional team of solar panel designers at Solar DIY Co provides each client with a custom-tailored solar panel system for a quicker and hassle-free installation. We’ll use roof measurements and other important information to provide solar panels that fit your home like a glove.

Lifetime Support


Your solar panels are going to last anywhere between 40 to 50 years, and you deserve a solar power partner who can help you maximize your returns from this investment. At Solar DIY Co, we’re not just a provider. Our team is committed to your success and will always be around to help when you have a question or problem with your solar panel system.

Permit-Friendly Plans


As with many home remodels or repairs, there are certain codes and guidelines that have to be met. Don’t worry! They’re much easier than you might think. At Solar DIY Co, we create permit-friendly plans that make the installation process more affordable and hassle-free for our customers. If you want to make things even smoother, you can always hire a contractor. Due to our already low costs, you’ll still be saving money.

Helpful Guides and Videos


If you’re determined to save money while still take full advantage of all the wonderful benefits of solar panels, Solar DIY Co is the perfect partner for you. We make it possible for homeowners to get affordable panels without having to pay any installation fees. Our team has created several insightful guides and videos carefully detailing the entire installation process so that any client can put up their panels alone.

 Proven Reputation


At Solar DIY Co, we’re always looking to make sure our clients are satisfied. Our team goes above and beyond to care for all homeowners who work with us. We already have thousands of happy solar customers who only have wonderful things to say about our cost-effective and high-quality services. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to prove to you just how awesome it is to work with us!



The Solar DIY Co team has decades of combined experience in the solar industry. We’ve learned the ins and outs of the market and know what it’s like on both the sales and installation sides of the process. With knowledge of what goes on behind closed doors at these solar panel companies, we’re in a unique position to offer homeowners unbeatable services. We know exactly how much providers tend to beef up prices through commission rates, price increases, and other hidden fees. This insight continues to inform Solar DIY Co by informing of what we want to make different about this wonderful industry.

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